Khorn SreyTouch

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SreyTouch is twenty-one years old. She moved to the Land Mine Museum in August 2008 soon after her father became a deminer with Cambodia Self Help Demining (CSHD). Her mother is a farmer. She has six sisters and three brothers. After getting her degree in Cambodia she wants to continue her education outside of Cambodia and travel the world. She wants to be an elementary school teacher.

Ren ReakSa

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ReakSa is the oldest of four children. He is twenty-one years old. He is from DomDek village in Siem Reap Province.

He is a good athlete, loves football (soccer) and volleyball. He loves the outdoors and working with his hands. He is a talented artist. He will work towards a degree in Business or Education at Build Bright University (BBU).

Sun Tangsreng

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Sreng is twenty-six years old. She is from Siem Reap Province. As a small child she contracted polio and lost her mother and grandmother to a landmine explosion. Unable to be cared for by her father, other family member stepped in to help raise her. She came to the Land Mine Museum in 2007. She will be working towards a degree in Business or Education.

Eit Machara Wei

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Wei is one of six children. His mother is a farmer and his father is in the Army. They currently live in Anglong Veng, Siem Reap Province. As a child, Wei contracted polio. He came to the Land Mine Museum in 2005. At the Museum he has had the opportunity to attend school and grow stronger. He was chosen by the teachers at Banteay Srei District School to be the Student’s Representive in Phnom Penh for PLAN. He has served in that position for two years. He is excited to study computers. He assists the computer teacher at the District School when he has free time. At the Land Mine Museum he is one of the older boys to mentor new boys at the Museum.

Mot Saiy

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Saiy is a twenty-one year old from Bakong Village outside of Siem Reap. She came to the Land Mine Museum to live in 2007. At Banteay Srei District High School she enjoyed Sports, Science and Math. She wants to get a university degree in Agriculture. She loves working in the garden with plants. She is often put in charge of new girls to the center to become a member of the Land Mine family.